Unfortunately, most pet owners might not have that full knowledge on the benefits of using olive oil to their feline friend. This product is mostly used by human and it’s said to be beneficial to them as compared to cats.

Olive oil is a home remedy that can be given to your feline friend since it’s very beneficial in resolving a lot of health problems. It can be added in its daily diet though following strict moderation. Feeding your feline friend with excessive of this oil can make it to increase in weight that could cause a lot of health problems.

Other than being essential this product has antioxidant properties that helps in healing process in case of any injury. It also consists of vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids which are products that are helpful in its body.

Since there are a variety of them the most preferable oil that is commonly used is extra virgin olive oil, it is easily accessibly since it’s used worldwide. On the contrary if your pet has a good health feeding it with a measured amount of olive oil is helpful for your pet.

As a pet parent you can add this virgin olive oil in its food by mixing a measured amount of it. While mixing ensure that your feline friend is far away to prevent it from inhaling the oil, it can make your pet to have a difficulty during breathing that could make its lungs to hurt.

6 Benefits of Olive Oil for Cats

In this topic more olive oil has been discussed in details on how it’s essential to your cat’s daily growth.

1.      Great Taste

At times your cat might not feed properly as you require them to do.to improve its daily diet a little bit spicy you can use extra virgin oil in its meal. Addition of this oil on its meal makes it to experience a higher range of appetite.

In addition cats need to be given their daily allowances such as kibble and wet food. This feeds are very helpful in keeping your pet healthy and ensuring that their body weight is properly maintained.

Not all of them are friendly with this type of feeds therefore adding a little bit of extra virgin oil enables them to get encouraged with their mode of feeding.

Its habit towards this good changes dramatically because no left overs can be detected after giving a test of the oil. You can also fill a spray bottle and sprinkle its kibble each and every time before serving it.

2.      Help Lose Weight

Plenty of olive oil in your cat’s diet on a daily basis can actually make it to add a lot of weight. On the other hand it’s used to cause reduction of weight especially to those types of breed that add weight more constantly.

Addition of weight is more prone to affecting male cats that have been neutered. Therefore putting olive oil in its food is helpful in ensuring that it does not gain a lot of weight.

Most people might be wondering on how olive oil works in reducing weight loose. Since it consist of high monosaturated fats it can be helpful in breaking down fats that are present in fat cells thus causing weight loss.

Types of breeds that add weight more constantly, introduction of olive oil helps in burning fats that is excess in its body. On the contrary ensure that you help your pet to exercise enough for a proper digestion process.

Olive oil is a product that consist of antioxidant properties which are beneficial in ensuring that your feline friend is not attacked with cardiovascular and diabetes diseases. We all know that cats that are affected with diabetic are prone to being affected with serious conditions such as stroke. Therefore providing extra virgin oil in your cat’s foods prevent them from experiencing such problems.

3.      Promote All Round Good Health

Olive oil is a natural product that is rich in nutrients which are helpful in boosting its immune system.it consist of antioxidant properties such as chlorophyll and polyphenols that helps its body to fight against pathogens that cause infections.

Pets that are known to be affected with weather changes making them to develop coughs and colds are highly protected. This comes about if only you are capable of adding olive oil every morning in its kibble food.

Additionally if you have a breed i.e. bull cat its breathing process becomes difficult at time. Olive oil is very helpful in ensuring that its condition is taken care of with immediate effect.

4.      Can Increase Life Expectancy

In most cases our feline friend are unable to live for quite a longer period of time as we want them to live. Offering it with olive oil is very important because cholecestoral present in its body is kept in control thus making it to have a good health.

For proper maintance of your pet providing it with olive oil which is a natural product that ensures that your feline friend gets stronger bones and muscles. Olive oil in cats helps in preventing radical oxidation of its cells in this case your pet is kept from aging too first.it makes it look younger for a longer period of time.

To improve life’s of those that are suffering from different condition such as arthritis and oesterithitis.You can be of help by feeding them with olive oil which makes them to live longer than expected.

Olive oil is also known to contain compounds such as squalene, this is helpful in ensuring that your pet is not attacked with cancer disease.

If you are a pet parent feeding your feline friend with olive oil on a daily basis reduces a chance of early development of such type of conditions.

5.      Use of Olive oil For Cat Constipation

Constipation results when your feline friend finds it a little bit difficulty especially when it comes to pooping time. It’s a condition that affects all type of cats however those that are prone to being affected are younger once and those that are elderly.

For easier bowl movement of its feces provision of olive oil in its daily diet makes it a little bit easier.in this case there ingested foods moves quit easier and do not overstay in its colon it becomes drier thus leading to constipation.

If you notice a little bit of changes in its way of easing itself such as feeling painful while pooping or when you get traces of blood in its urine. It’s important to consult your veteran for medication to be carried out.

You might ignore thinking that your pet is suffering from a minor problem though it might be experiencing a serious problem that needs immediate medical attention.

While providing it with extra virgin oil for treatment, it’s important that you use the right dosage during this process for proper results.

6.      Relieves Dry Skin Condition

Incorporating olive oil on its daily diet is helpful in ensuring that its fur is properly taken care off. Serve it on a daily basis to ensure that its coat remains shiny and healthy all day long. The oil also helps in reducing cat excessive shedding.

In some cases if your pet is undergoing serious conditions such as body itchiness olive oil is helpful in ensuring that this problem is relieved. When olive oil is added in its daily meal it defiantly act as a natural moisturizer by ensuring that no flaky skin is formed.

For a soft and admirable coat it’s always important to consider using olive oil as a natural home remedy for better changes. You can apply this product directly on its coat.

To use drop about five drops of olive oil in water and use your hand to massage the oil gently its fur. You can actually perform this activity of massaging its fur on a daily basis to ensure that its skin goes back to being natural.

Application of olive oil on its fur should also be considered to be carried out during winter times since it’s a season that most pets undergoes a lot of skin problems.

Keep away your pet from licking olive oil that has been applied on its body. This is helpful in ensuring that it does not lick an irritated area that causes a lot of infections in its system.

It’s also said that if you let it lick the oil more calories gets built up in its body. Therefore, you can be of help by putting a collar on its neck to avoid such problems.