Cleaning your cat’s dirty ear at regularly is something every cat owner has to think about. There are good cat ear cleaners your vet can recommend. You may use home remedies like olive oil, hydrogen peroxide or q tips to remove black stuff or brown wax in cat’s ears. Rubbing alcohol may also help to clean cat ear mites.

Those dark brown wax or black stuff in cat’s ears could cause ear infections and hearing problems if they are not cleaned. Remember to consult a vet before using any ingredient or product on your pet.

In this guide, we have reviews on the best cat ear cleaners, their key features and how to use. We have also highlighted on the best home remedies for this purpose.

How do you choose the Best Cat Ear Cleaners?

Things to Consider When Buying Cat Ear Cleaner. As a pet parent, you might find it very difficult to find the best ear solution that suites your feline friend. Remember, check the ingredients and see if your cat reacts to any of them.

Since there are always a variety of then you should always seek help from your veteran for a proper guidance.

Below are factors that can guide you to get the best cat ear cleaning solution this include

1. Purpose

Most people purchase ear cleaning solution to help them to carry on with cleaning process effectively.

However, as you can decide to buy a solution that has different properties such as antibacterial and antiviral. It’s always proper to check for any form of irritation or inflammation of its ear.

2. Effectiveness of active ingredients

Selecting an effective kind of ear cleaning will only depend on what purpose you want to use it for. You might want that product that works very fast depending on your feline’s condition.

If you want a product that is effective always go for the type of ingredients that have been used its making. Such products are not that good because they cause a lot of side effects.

3. Safe ingredients

Similarly choose a product that works more effectively in cleaning your cat’s ears. Though it should be made of ingredients that do not cause any form of skin irritation.

Effectiveness of the product you’ve chose should trigger a quick healing process without causing other additional problems to your feline friend. For such treatments to occur always take products that consist of natural ingredients.

4. Eases of application

Each and every pet parent would always prefer a different method of using ear cleaning solutions.

Some would always use wet wipes to clean their pet’s ears, others would prefer using ear drops since it goes to places that you cannot reach by wiping. Choose those that you are capable of dealing with them without any problems.

Why you should use Cat Ear cleaners – key benefits

Using cat ear cleaning solution is not only beneficial for your feline friend’s ear but you to as its owner. This means that as its pet parent you will not have to visit a veteran more often. Here are the benefits of cat cleaners to your pet:

1. Allows for the periodic assessment of pets ears

Using ear cleaning solution is very beneficial specially to pet owners that their work schedule is fixed or are always busy. We all have different careers but that doesn’t stop us from keeping our cat’s ears clean, J right?

In case of any swelling, ear infections or bad odor, this solution takes proper care of such conditions and therefore it gives you an easy time to check its ears at list once in a while.

2. Prevents Ear Infections

When you clean its ears on a daily basis, cat ear infections won’t be easy. If wax is not gotten rid of, it triggers bacteria and yeast organisms to develop.

To prevent ear infections from attacking your felines ears you can use cleaning solutions that consist of antiseptic properties.

In other cases, ear infections can be brought about with mites therefore using cleaning solutions with disinfectant property helps in killing them.

3. Cat ear cleaning Prevents hearing impairment

Such problems develop when your cat’s ears have a pile of excessive dirt. This leads to blockage of its tympanic membrane thus affecting sound from being transmitted in a proper way.

If sound is not amplified in a proper way, your feline friend develops a problem when it comes to hearing. Perform your cleaning process in a proper way to avoid such ear problems.

4. Cat ear cleaning Saves You From Costly Treatment Options

Making a trip to your vet when it develops ear infections is very expensive. There are different charges that you have to settle such as its diagnosis as well as its cleaning process. As a pet owner, you can avoid such expenses by buying ear cleaning solution.

Such kind of treatment won’t cost you that much, it’s always proper to know the actual cause of ear infection. It’s always administered in about 14 days on a daily basis for proper treatment.

What is the Best Cat Ear Cleaners?

Mentioned below are among best ear cleaners that you can use when cleaning its ears. They include:

1.      Virbac Epic-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

It’s considered among best ear cleaner that is found in the market. When used, it does not cause any irritation on its skin. It contains anti-adhesive properties which hinders buildup of yeast and bacterial infections.

In most instances it’s most preferable in cleaning external part of a cat’s ear. It’s always recommended to a pet that is suffering from chronic otitis externa.

Nevertheless, it emulsifies any form of infection and inflammation that is affecting your pet. All wax present in its ear is gotten rid of making its ear to dry out thus preventing growth of pathogens.

A pet that has been infected with chronic ear infection is at high risk of developing a bad odor from its ear. When virbac epic-otic advanced ear cleaner is used all bad odor that develops due to this infection is gotten rid of completely.

Similarly, it has a neutral ph. that implies that it’s very gentle on a pet skin and can be used more often accompanied with other ear cleaning solutions.


  • It is non alcoholic
  • It has a neutral ph.
  • It has a citrus scent
  • Contain salicylic acid with a percentage of 0.2%

2.      Pet King Brands Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone

It’s a type of ear cleaner that is most preferable for treatment of cat’s external ear from yeast, viral or bacterial infections. This type of ear cleaner contains about 1%hydrocotisine that helps in taking care of chronic otitis a condition that results when pathogen resist to drugs.

Administering this type of cat ear cleaner is very easy, similarly no pre cleaning is carried out before using it.

If you are treating acute ear infection you should administer it once on a daily basis to a maximum of seven days. Always remember that it’s not used alongside any other type of medication.


  • It consists of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial together with antiviral properties
  • Consist of 1% hydrocortisone
  • Treatment of acute and chronic otitis extena

3.      Petpost Pet Ear Cleaner Wipes

Pestpost is another option that you can use instead of ear drop washing treatment. It’s kind of different since it’s a package that is filled with cat ear wipes.

All wipes found in that package have been soaked in coconut oil because it has anti-micro bacterial properties that enhances cleaning process.

If your feline friend’s ears have been clogged with debris or getting out bad odor when you use petpost ear wipes it provides a lot of relief.

Without forgetting that coconut together with aloe Vera are natural remedies that are used in making pet posts thus do not cause any irritation on its skin. When used it leaves your felines ear with a nice scent.


  • Has no toxic chemicals in them
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Moistened with coconut and aloe Vera
  • It does not consume a lot of money

4.      Lively Pets Ear Cleaner for Cats

It is an ear cleaner which is essential in getting rid of ear infection and destroying all mites that are present in its ear. For it to fight certain infections present in a cats ears its said to be made up of ingredients that are powerful.

Nevertheless, its alcoholic free that helps in soothing your pet’s ear and ensuring that damaged tissues have been taken care of properly.

Other items used in its making include aloe that has an antifungal property to provide relief on ears which are itchy. It also clears bad odor from ears that are suffering from various infections.

Similarly lively pet ear cleaner consist of a solution consist of edta that hinders growth of bacterial and fungal infections from growing.


  • It contains fresh kiwi scent
  • It also contains aloe
  • It has antifungal properties

5.      Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser with Bio-Active Enzymes

An ear cleaning agent which works more similar as zymox ear cleaner. The only difference is that it does not contain hydrocortisone. On the other hand zymox ear cleaning solution is not always used on a regular basis but as an inflammatory treatment for your pet.

In case of germs present in your cat’s ears using pet king brands zymox works well as a best solution. It contain several enzymes which helps in getting away all germs in its ears.

Since it does not consist of any form of harsh chemicals such as salicylic that are known to be very irritating when used on your pet’s body. Similarly you can use it on a regular basis to clean your feline friend’s ears.


  • Do not cause skin irritation
  • Contains bioactive enzymes
  • It also contains lactoferrin

6.      Pet MD Otic Clean Ear Cleanser for Cats

When it’s made, aloe Vera is among the natural ingredients used in it. Buildup of any form of dirt and ear irritation using pet MD for cleaning works well for your feline friend.

A lot of soothing is experienced because your pet do not scratch its ears more often. This is to say that all suspect able organisms present in its ears are gotten rid of when this type of ear cleaning has been used.

For such work to be carried out perfectly two kinds of acids that is sayclic acid together with lactic acid are always present in the solution. In addition you can use it on a daily basis when performing your cleaning activities.

It is known to perform its function in four different ways, this include:

  • Ensuring that the outer part of its ear is cleaned inclusive of its pinna.
  • When used it ensures that all external areas of your feline friends ear are dried completely. This prevent collection of dirt and any other dirty particles from accumulating a cleaned surface.
  • An ear that has been cleaned with pet MD cannot develop microorganisms since it makes the area acidic a condition that hinders them from growing.
  • When used it leaves behind a scent that provides a better smell in your feline friends ears.


  • It’s enriched with aloe Vera
  • Contains lactic acid
  • It relieves sweet pea scent
  • It acidifiers, deodorize, cleanser and as a drier functionality

7.      Vet Solutions Ear Cleaning Solutions

Ear cleaning solution that is known to perform same function as pet MD ear cleaner, however there is a slight improvement in its making in that there is no deionized water in it.

It helps in cleansing your cat’s ear because it’s formulated in a way that enables it to deodorize, clean and dry them. When its ears are clean enough it won’t be easy for your feline friend to be attacked with external ear infections.

In case of any form of debris in its ear canal using this type of ear cleaning solution takes proper care of such situations. This solution can be used on a daily routine, it’s also known to be a soothing solution to the ears due to addition of aloe Vera added into it.


  • Enriched with aloe Vera
  • Its scent is pleasant
  • Performs for actions which is to deodorize, clean, dry and acidify its ears
  • It also contain lactose and salicylic acid

8.      Virbac Otomite plus Ear Mite Treatment

Virbac otomite ear cleaning solution is non irritative in your feline friends ears. If its ears have been affected with mites this type of solution is considered the best in taking care of them. It’s made up of non-synthetic pyrethrins that is a natural remedy which helps in killing mites.

However, this type of ear cleaning solution is not recommended to be used on a regular basis. In case of any form of itchiness virbac otomite plus is made up of blended pyrethrin together with olive oil that helps in soothing irritated places in its ears.


  • It’s specifically used for treatment of ear mites
  • Consist of pyrethrins
  • It also contain olive oil which is used as a base

9.      Naturpet Ear Drop

Ear drop is herbal form of medication that is useful in getting rid of itchy, irritating and aching ears. Its works well by reducing inflammation that your feline friend might be experiencing, for it to work effectively herbs are mostly used while its being processed.

The used herbs are made up of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral which are known to be very beneficial. Since it’s made up of a variety of botanicals among them being Echinacea that consist of antimicrobial properties that is helpful in boosting its immune system.

There are other properties that are also included in it such as lobelia, black and blue cohosh together with blue vervain. Using naturpet ear drop provide essential benefits when used in cleaning your pets ear.


  • Ingredients used in its making are natural
  • To make ingredients neutral alive oil is used as a base
  • Consist of anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties

10.  RUBOLD Natural Ear Cleaner for Cats

Rubold natural ear cleaning solution is a natural remedy that helps in getting rid of bad odor and its ear from irritation. It works very well without causing any form of skin irritation in your feline friend’s ears.

For it to work more effectively it’s made up of blended coconut oil, citrus and palm which helps in boosting the way it works.

Similarly, it consists of antimicrobial properties that leaves its ears free from any form of ear infections. Coconut oil is also among the ingredients used that leaves behind a sweet scent after being used.


  • It has no harmful chemicals
  • It’s very safe to use
  • All ingredients used are all natural
  • It has several properties such as antibacterial, antiviral and anti-mite

What do you use to clean cat ears at home?

If you are a pet owner and you find it quite expensive to purchase ear cleaning solutions, you can actually try another option which is using home remedies.

Just ensure you check your cat’s history or allergic reaction and never use concentrated solutions.

If possible, consult a veteran before trying any of them. Consultation fees are not usually expensive. Another tip is that, they may give you affordable options or at least they will tell you what to do and what not to do. The below information is for informational purposes only and should never replace a vet’s advice.

You may use olive oil to clean cat’s ear at home, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar or rubbing alcohol with the following steps as explained below.

Cider Vinegar solution

  1. Mix water with apple cider vinegar, ensure the vinegar is well diluted
  2. Use a clean piece of cotton cloth and soak it in the solution
  3. Use the dump cloth to clean the cat’s ear
  4. Carry on with the same activity on the other ear
  5. Wipe its ears gently to get rid of all dirt present
  6. Repeat the procedure several times until when the ears are clean

Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used to clean acts ears and disinfect it. The oil will also help in soothing nay sores in the ears that may be causing irritated cat’s ear and itchiness.

  1. Use olive oil that is warm. We don’t want it too cold. remember, don’t make it hot. We don’t want to burn the ear canals. Just make it warm, just a little warm not too warm. Place it on your skin first to ensure its just slightly warm.
  2. Position your feline friend in a proper way
  3. Place about two drops through its ear canal
  4. Try a gentle massage at the bottom of its ear
  5. Carry on with the same procedure on the other ear
  6. Leave it for about 10 minutes you will see it shake its head
  7. All dirt will eventually come within its ear canal, wipe it properly to get rid of all dirt that is present
  8. Repeat this process by soaking a clean piece of cloth in the olive oil solution.
  9. Use it to wipe the cat’s ears as often and as much as you can.

Hydrogen Peroxide

As a pet guardian, when you are using hydrogen peroxide it’s always important to take proper caution. You should avoid pouring it directly in the ear canal of your feline friend.

As a pet parent always ensure that your cat is relaxed before carrying on with cleaning process. Don’t make the solution too conk. Ensure it is well diluted.

  1. Place a towel around the cat. This helps in controlling it and will protect you from being scratched
  2. Wipe its ear with a wet cotton with a cotton ball to get rid of dirt particles
  3. Using another clean piece of cotton ball soak it in hydrogen peroxide solution that has been diluted with a little pure water and drop it in its ears
  4. Free it, you will observe it shake its head an indication it’s getting rid of all debris that has been left behind
  5. Pick your cat and clean its ears to get rid of debris that has been dislodged, use clean water.
  6. You may also simply clean its ear using the towel that has been soaked in diluted hydrogen peroxide used for cleaning cat’s ear.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a home remedy that can also be used to clean your cat’s ears. However, if your pet is suffering from any kind of ear infection you should not use this solution.

This is because it may irritate the open sores in the cat’s ears causing so much pain. This can make your cat loose trust in you. Observe the cat’s ears properly for any open wound or sores using a flash light before using this.

  1. Mix one part of white vinegar to one part of alcohol – 1 teaspoon of Vinegar, 1 Teaspoon of Rubbing Alcohol and 4 table spoons of water.
  2. Bring the ear cleaning solution to a room temperature before use
  3. Place a few drops on the solution on a clean towel or soak it in the solution
  4. Use this to clean the cat’s ears gently and let the drops flow in the ear
  5. Allow it to settle for a while as you cat shakes its ears
  6. Wipe its ears with a clean piece of towel


Is it safe to use Q-tips in cleaning a cat’s ears? Using Q-tips to clean your cat’s ears is not recommendable. It’s not a good idea at all using such cleaning items can tamper with a cat’s tympanic membrane thus leading to complete deafness.

It seems to be an easy method since you are capable of controlling your hand properly. Though it can cause severe condition if it ends up twisting its head causing internal injuries in its ears.

How to Clean Cats Ears with q tips

Cleaning your feline friend’s ears might look quite easy, however you should always consult your veteran before performing on with cleaning process.

  1. Take your feline friend to a quiet place
  2. Pet it to for a complete relaxation
  3. Soak the q tips in water
  4. Gently wipe its ear canal to get rid of wax that has been build up
  5. You should not push the q tips so deep into its ears since it can cause rupture of its ear drum
  6. Lastly wipe its ears with a clean towel to get rid all water that is present

How will I know if my Cat has Ear Infections?

If your pet’s ear has been infected there are symptoms that can be observed. This include getting discharge that differ in color like yellow or blackish with foul odor from the cat’s ears.

In a case where there is inadequate cleaning of its ear, it gets infected with a variety of infections that leads to build up of pus that gets out in form of a yellow discharge. This can be very painful to it.

Presence of pus seems to be very alarming, this indicates that your feline friend has been affected with an infection for a long period of time. Therefore dead microorganisms and dead tissues would always get out from your cats ears inform of pus.

Other than discharge, there are certain symptoms that can be observed which include swelling and redness of its internal ear canal or outside ear. If the infection has been caused by mites a discharge that is black can be observed.

The cat may also have a sudden urge to scratch its ears unlike before that may result to formation of scabs in ears as well. This is due to presence of mites or fleas that might be biting or moving around it’s ears. It may also be shaking its head more often than before.

Other Causes of Ear Infection in Cats

There are various conditions that can lead to infections of your feline friend’s ears. However, the most common type that causes it are mites which can easy be transmitted from one pet to another very easily.

  • Development of excessive bacteria and yeast
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • When its tympanic membrane gets ruptured
  • Presence of irritants in the environment
  • If its auditory canal experience rupture
  • Lack of proper cleanliness
  • Presence of foreign bodies
  • When your feline is allergic to pollen or certain types of foods
  • Autoimmune disease in cats
  • Buildup of wax in excess in its auditory canal

How do you prevent ear infections in cats

Since bacteria and yeast infection are infections that are known to thrive in areas that are moist, they will affect parts such its ears.

Therefore, you should always ensure that its ears remain dry all time by wiping them properly after bath, by ensuring that no traces of water have been left behind.

Similarly, a regular cat ear cleaning is very helpful since all dirt that triggers development of microorganisms are gotten rid of.

As a pet parent when you check your felines ears on a daily basis it becomes very easy to notice any type of condition that is developing. An early treatment is carried out before the infection gets out of hand.

Cleaning a cat’s ear frequently asked questions FAQs

Some cats might not like the activity of cleaning its ear, therefore ensure that you take it to a peaceful environment. On the contrary it should be relaxed completely to avoid often struggles.

A person that is helping you should be gentle in that he or she should avoid griping it more firmly. Your feline friend won’t cooperate that much since it might sense a sign of danger.

If it won’t cooperate, you can also wrap it in towel and leave its head only. Do not force it to be cleaned since it can get agitated thus biting you or cause severe injuries on you.

Is it possible to clean your cat with human ear drop?

A proper response to this question is NO. Using human ear drop for treatment of your kitty ears can lead to serious problems. What works for you does not work for pets so don’t just use things based on imagination.

Most of ingredients used in processing this medicines can be similar but quite powerful. Always use medication that is proper for your pet to avoid complications. Seek a vet’s advice if you have to.

According to banfield pet hospital, “Periodic cleanings, especially when you notice excess buildup in your cat’s ears, are a great way to help your cat avoid a painful infection or disease. For normal ears, choose a mild ear cleaner specifically designed for use on pets. It’s generally best to avoid vinegar, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate the skin of some cats and be painful to an already-inflamed ear canal”


As you take proper care of your own body, you should consider carrying on with the same activity on your pets within the environment. Cleaning their bodies on a regular basis makes them to have a good health.

A cat is a pet that is known to be very intelligent when it comes to performing its usual grooming exercise. However, as it cleans its body, cleaning its ears becomes a challenge to them.

Some pet parents will always have a difficulty especially when it comes to choosing best cleaning solution. In case you are not that sure you should always seek help from your veteran for proper guidance.