When you see a cat throwing up white foam with symptoms like loss of appetite, not eating or with diarrhea, there is definitely something wrong with it. In most cases, when a cat throws up, there will be presence of food it just ate or water in its vomit.

Common reasons for cat throwing up white foam include:

1.      The stomach is empty

If a cat is not given food at an exact time, it may throw up since its stomach is empty. This happen due to release of gastric acid and hydrochloric acid present in its tummy that prepares for eating process to take place. These are gases that are helpful in ensuring that digestion process takes place in a proper way.

Therefore, in a situation whereby its belly is unable to get food as expected released acids such as hydrochloric acid causes irritation of stomach lining. Its body responds by getting rid of acid present in its tummy inform of white foam.

Similarly, when throwing up a combination of yellow and white foam can also be released. However, cat throwing foam is also caused if a pet owner tries to change its normal feeding schedule.

To prevent it from experiencing irritation of stomach lining, as it caretaker, provide it with a snack that is friendly to its diet. This enable it to munch and to prevent formation of acids that triggers it to vomit.

2.      Hairball

Throwing up of your cat can also be due to hairballs formation in the stomach. During their grooming process it can swallow hair that is loose. Digestion of hair for a cat is not possible and therefore this causes hairball to accumulate in its digestive system.

In most cases cats that usually spends most of the time outdoors can be in position of getting rid hairball that has accumulated in its digestive system. It feeds on grass that stimulates its vomiting process hence removing hairball present in its system.

If you notice your cat throwing up foamy vomit that lacks presence of hair, consider hairball the main cause of your fury’s vomiting. This can be noted when it gets rid of white foam followed by hacking sound, mostly indoor cats would show such kind of symptoms.

There are different signs and symptoms that will enable you as it caretaker to note if hairball is the main cause of it to vomit. They include

  1. Constipation
  2. Reduced appetite
  3. A hacking sounds is made that helps in getting rid of hairball
  4. It looks very tired
  5. Some cats hide away from there keepers

Seek assistance from your vet in a case where its vomit comes out with traces of blood in it. Diagnosis should be done for treatment to be carried out in a proper way.

1.      Gastro-Intestinal Inflammation

Inflammation of cat’s stomach lining can also be indicated if its start to vomit. This condition is known as gastritis; it happens when it consumes food that is not friendly to its belly hence leading to stomach inflammation.

A pet that has been affected with this condition throws up undigested food sometimes it gets rid of blood that is fresh accompanied by bile.

Ingestion of foreign particles in your cat’s digestive system such as strings and plastics can also cause your cat to vomit. In addition, a pet that is affected with diseases such as diabetes are more likely to be affected with this condition.

Apart from throwing up a foamy liquid there are some other symptoms that are observed after vomiting i.e.

  1. Depression
  2. Stomachache
  3. Sluggishness
  4. Dehydration
  5. Lack of appetite
  6. Constipation

When you take it to your vet ensure that you provide all necessary symptoms you have observed. This is helpful in ensuring that your vet is able to detect what your pet is suffering from.

1.      Gastric Relief

This is a home remedy that can be very helpful especially to indoor cats that cannot treat gastric stomach on their own. Unlike outdoor cats that feed on grass to help them in healing there upset stomach.

Use peppermint tea that will help in easing stomach upset. Place them in a boiling pot of water and sieve out leaves, allow water to cool down. Feed your cat with a teaspoon of this water each and every hour.

2.      Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is another condition that causes vomiting to your cat. It happens as a result of food allergies or diet intolerance might be its cause. Inflammation in your cats stomach is experienced when unwanted cells gets into its gastrointestinal tract.

Most common symptom that enable you to detect irritable bowel syndrome on it include.

  1. Vomiting
  2. Nausea
  3. Frequent passage of urine
  4. Weight lose

5.      Adrenal Gland Diseases

Kitten throwing up white foam can also be caused as a result of adrenal gland disease present in its body. A pet that has been affected with this disease is unable to produce enough cortisone in its body.

This condition affects cats regardless of their age though those that are affected the most are female cats as compared to male once.

Depression, diarrhea, muscles weakness and low blood sugar are among the signs that indicate presence of this syndrome in its body.

1.      Over eating

Taking care of small kitten should be considered a priority. As a pet owner you should ensure that you only provide for them adequate amount of food that suits their diet since they are still adapting to their new diet. A failure of doing so make them overeat thus making them to vomit.

Food in excess in kitten causes them to throw up white foam. In addition, a yellow substance is also released while it’s vomiting an indication that it has gotten rid of bile. Monitor them more often until when they are capable of taking care of themselves to avoid this kind of problems.

2.      Kidney Diseases

An early symptom of kidney failure can also be noted when it starts to throw up white foam. In most cases it becomes quite difficult to tell if it is suffering from this condition. There are other several symptoms that can be observed after it gets rid of the white foam.

They include: excessive intake of water, urination becomes quite difficult to most of them. If not treated on time can cause serious problems to your cat’s normal health. Seek attention from your veteran if you are suspecting that it has been attacked with kidney disease.

Why is my Cat Throwing up White Foam and Not Eating

It is not healthy at all for a cat to go for twenty-four hours without eating. It is important to know the main reason that is causing it throw up and not eating at the same time. Such kind of problem should be investigated by your veteran because it can be developing a serious problem in its system.

A cat that has gone for a day without food could be suffering from condition known as fatty liver in addition swallowing something that is poisonous to its system causes such kind of problems.

You should not assume that your cat is suffering from hairball, it’s very rare for it to grow larger causing your cat to vomit more frequently. To avoid different doubt, consult your vet for a proper guideline.

When to call a vet urgently

Difficulty during urination time. This is possible when its urinary tract blocks making urination become quite difficult or painful. Male cats are prone to being affected with this condition as compared to female.

A situation where it keeps on drinking a lot of water it becomes a great concern. This is an indication that its kidney has failed thus making it experience a frequent thirst.

A pet that vomits several time within a day should also be of great concern since it is unusual. In fact, it loses a lot of water during this period of time that can make it get dehydrated.

Seek attention from your veteran in case you notice different changes to your cat’s daily routine. This is helpful for medication process before underlying conditions worsen leading to permanent health problems on your furry.

Cats Throwing White Foam and Diarrhea Meaning

Cats can sometimes throw up and diarrhea at the same time. This is caused by a minor or serious reasons and sometimes as a result of life threatening conditions.

Vomiting is triggered when there is something in a cat’s stomach that causes irritation leading to vomiting. Diarrhea on the other hand is an irritation that happen in a cat’s intestinal tract.

Similarly, variety of reasons that leads to occurrence of this problems: such as

1.      Change of Diet

A cat that is used to feeding on one type of feed a change of its daily diet can make it to vomit or diarrhea.

It happens when its digestive system is unable to tolerate ingredients that are contained in foods that has been provided hence causing stomach and intestinal tract irritation. Introduction of new feeds should always be done gradually to check for any form of side effects on your pet.

2.      Intestinal parasites

Presence of parasite in its stomach or intestine also causes throwing up and diarrhea. You can observe peace’s of parasites that will be gotten through its body by checking its feces.

Visit a vet to detect which type of parasite that is affecting your cat’s system for proper diagnosis and treatment.

3.      Bacterial infection

Bacteria such as fungi can also be ingested in your furies body when it feeds on foods that has been contaminated. Most common bacteria that affects cats is salmonella. Keep you compound clean and free from any form of contaminants. Consider seeking medical attention from a vet to prevent further complications.

What to do to help when a cat is throwing up

Since taking your feline right away to a medical center becomes difficult when it’s in the process of throwing up you can consider providing relief to it before seeking medical attention from a vet. Mentioned in the content are various types of home remedies that are used for treatment purpose when it’s throwing up white foam.

1.      Fasting

During this time, you can starve it from food in a day. Since its stomach is undergoing inflammation process it is important to offer food when it is reduced. As it fasts, provide it with fresh water in excess to prevent it from getting dehydrated.

Consider feeding it the type of foods that is familiar with its digestive system. According to research within two days feed it with bland food such as rice. It is plain and do not contain any additive that might react to its system. If this remedy do not provide a quick recovery consider taking a trip to a vet.

2.      Mineral Oil

Constipation and throwing up of a feline can be caused when it swallows hair while it grooms its body. When hair is swallowed it forms hairball in its system causing some sort of complications.

Mineral oil is very helpful in getting away with this form of situation. When serving it with its main food add about two table spoons of mineral oil. Offer it with this remedy three times within a week for proper results to be achieved.


Cat vomiting is something serious and sometimes can be life threatening. If this happens and follows no improvement on the second day, you should call or visit a vet for diagnosis and treatment.