Main reasons for sudden cat aggressive behavior towards humans include pain, torment, or past abuse by people around it. In fact, research shows that cat’s that live in the streets are more aggressive and can seriously attack if provoked.

This is because people around them are not really kind to them. Their first instincts is to defend themselves before they are harmed.

Unprovoked aggression in cats can be very challenging to manage even the veterinaries sometimes find it challenging to handle them. In any case of cat aggression, there are several techniques that can be used to manage the conduct.

First, take your time to really understand why your cat may be aggressive toward you. A defensive cat is frequently encountering apprehension or nervousness about a situation that could possibly be clear to you.

Why is my Cat Suddenly Aggressive?

You may be a collateral damage of cat aggression regardless of whether you’re not the one causing the tension or not. Let’s look at some of the causes of sudden cat aggression.

1.      Fear/nervousness

Can Fear Cause Cat Aggression? Yes, in fact fear is one of the major cause of aggressive cat behavior. It has been proven beyond doubt that if any creature is subjected to fear, at some point it will fight back.

Fatalities have been reported especially in situations where people try to close a room and fight a cat. Never try to beat up or attack a cat in a closed room, the results can be bad.

When a cat is cornered and scared, it fights back. It will not surrender to its enemy just like that. Now when a cat is scared, it will tend to bring out it’s defensive mechanisms.

It will change its physical appearance, growl or hiss at you in a very harsh tone. Avoid doing things that scare them.

The solution here is simple. Simply find the source of fear and make the cat know you mean no harm. Feed it and let it relax. It will calm down on its own.

2.      Injury/trauma

Injury is also another cause of unprovoked cat behavior. The cat may be nursing a wound may be from falling or jumping too high. When you touch that wound, the cat will definitely fight back.

It will not know if you have good intentions or not since it will be in pain. If you always stroke your cat, learn to observe its touch on every stroke.

If you notice any sudden aggression when you stroke any point, you may consider finding ways of relieving its pain at the vet’s

3.      Territorial aggression

Though this is not common especially if you are just keeping one cat at home, those who have more than one will definitely have this issue. Male cats tend to protect a certain area.

Relax, this is natural. When keeping more than one male cat, make them feel comfortable and loved from their young days till they grow.

If you introduce a new male cat in the house where you are keeping another male, they will definitely fight to mark their territories.

How to calm an aggressive cat in this situation is as simple as separating them for sometime. Let them be at peace before they make friends

4.      Mating season

During the mating season, the male cats tend to look for their female counterparts. This may be the reason for sudden cat aggression since when they are matting, they really need a lot of strength to subdue the female.

Cat aggression during the mating season is not harmful. Just give the time some space with the female. Cats really like privacy when they are getting intimate.

5.      Status aggression

This is very normal and should not make you panic. Male cats will definitely like to dominate especially if they have kittens and a female cat around them. They will be even more aggressive during the mating season.

Female cats will also be suddenly aggressive especially after giving bath. You really have to make them trust you with their young ones otherwise you cat may attack you out of nowhere when she finds you near her kittens.

6.      Poor petting

However, calm a cat is or appears to be, poor bad petting habits can cause them to suddenly become aggressive. Cats love grooming themselves and they like it when they are clean and comfortable.

Be gently with your strokes and sometimes, it is a good idea not to let strangers pet them. Some may tend to press too much and they may attack. Same case applies to children and toddlers around cats.

They may grab the cats tail and this can provoke the cat to be suddenly aggressive towards them. Cats can really accelerate aggression from 0-100 when they don’t like something.

Take your time with any pet. Learn what they like and what they don’t. Avoid doing what they hate and don’t insist in handling them the way they don’t like.

7.      Redirected aggression

This simply refers to aggression that is not directly provoked by you. Your cat may be in pain, sick or in some sort of panic. When you touch it, it will suddenly bite your hand.

How to Calm Aggressive Cats

Here are some few tips on how to deal with aggressive cats. However, do not persist. If you are not sure on why the cat is going wild, seek a vet advice. You vet will definitely have the best solution.

  1. Discover the source of aggression
  2. Intrude on the aggressive conduct with a distraction such as whistling
  3. Going for a stroll with the end goal to lose excess vitality that triggers the aggression conduct
  4. Use toys that move to get the cats attention and see how they react
  5. Try giving the cat its best meal. Since you are the owner, you will always know what he/she likes most
  6. You can use diffusers and sprays meant for taming cats. Eek vet’s advice before using this.

Cat’s Sudden Violent Attacks – Video (courtesy)

Sudden cat aggression can be very worrying to pet parents. It may not necessarily mean that your cat doesn’t like you. Cat behaviorists like Jackson Galaxy deal with such issues daily and are able to rehabilitate the furry friends back to normal.