Cat shedding can be annoying especially if the hair is left everywhere in the house. How much does a cat shade in a day? – Well, it is normal to find a little bit of hair on the brush after grooming the cat or washing it. However, when you notice cat loosing or shedding a lot of fur in clumps, then you definitely need to look at some of the causes and find a way to stop it.

Most people would always like to have pets within their compound. It’s a good idea since it makes your compound to be lively especially when it comes to entertainment time. However, it always becomes unconducive when your cat keeps on living its fur all over in your place. It’s a natural process but not everyone will be confident in such situations. Some people might be allergic to fur hence making your environment uncomfortable for staying.

Is Cat shedding normal?

Shedding in cats is a normal process for a healthy cat. It involves getting rid of old fur and replacing it with new one. This process enables your cats coat to look more than just new and neat.

When your cat shedding fur process is a healthy one, hair being shed will be sleek, shiny and no patches will be seen being left behind.

All pets shed, there has always been a myth which says that pets with long hair are likely to shade more than short-haired once. However, both of them are known to shade fur normally in regardless of whether change.

Cats are known to shade their coats twice a year, it is always during spring where by its winter undercoat sheds of to allow grow in of the next winter coat.

Dead hair on your cat’s body can easily cause skin irritation and its quite better if removed. In a situation whereby a pet owner does not remove dead fur from its cat’s body. The cat will eventually shed it on its own.

Hair shedding in a cat is considered to be healthy this is to say that sick cats do not undergo the shedding process.

Susceptible cat breeds

If you are a pet owner, you should be aware of which type of breed your cat falls under. There are those cats which are known to shed in excess i.e. Persians, coons and Cymric. Main reason why they shed a lot is because of long lengthen fur and its soft in nature.

However, breeds whose fur seem short and much curlier do not shed in excess. This is due to a close contact of its hair to the body, they include Siamese, Devon rex and Burmese.

In some cases, cats with short hair and are dark in color are known to shed hair that is found between its eyes. This process occurs mostly in ages of one to almost two years. This type of hair that cats shed are classified into three classes namely:

1.      Down hair

This refers to dense and very short hair which protect your cats skin from abrasions. If you observe your cat getting rid of this hair in excess, it means that your cat suffering from an infection. This type of hair is mostly found in cats such as Siberians and Norwegians only.

2.      Awn hair

This refers hair found in your cat belly which is always soft and fuzzy in texture. It plays an important role in your cat’s body in keeping it warm and proved it with is mostly found in cats such as Persians which are long haired cats.

3.      Guard hair

This is hair from the topcoat which is very helpful in protecting cats from snow and rain. Some cats are allergic to water therefore due to guard hair presence your cat will get a natural protection on its own. Abyssinians is a type of breed that have this type of hair.

Most cats have different types of conditions that can arise from one problem to cats with a flat face will have a problem with their digestive tract especially when it comes to swallowing. It will end up suffering from constipation since swallowing becomes obstructed.

Why does my Cat Shed So Much?

If your cat shedding seems excessive, this should be of great concern. It may indicate that your cat might be suffering from an illness such as kidney failure which is known to be major causes that triggers constant hair shedding in cats.

Shedding is said to occur as result of different reasons, however it depends on the time your cat spends outdoors or if it is always within your house. Even if your cat spent most of its time being indoors shedding is mostly influenced due to daylight, this is also known as photoperiod.

When your cat exposes him /herself for longer hours the more shedding process will be triggered. Nevertheless, this will always seem to vary due to breed and as well as grooming activities in your pet.

Hair everywhere in the house or bald spots on your cat are signs enough to show that some shedding is taking place. If this continues for some time, it is high time you find out what is causing this. Take your feline friend to a vet for diagnosis and proper treatment.

Your cat could be losing hair excessively due to the following:

1.      Stress and anxiety

When your cat sheds plenty of hair this can be due to a sudden shock either from illness or surgery carried out.

On the other hand, when your cat has always been alone within the compound. It can also be much stressful when you provide it with an accompaniment, this will increase stress that leads to excessive shedding of your cat.

In addition, when your cat loses a companion unlike human beings cats too do suffers from grief but in different ways after losing a close friend of his or hers.

Cats are known to be sensitive especially when something is not conducive within its environment it will over groom as a way of providing protection.

2.      Environmental issues

When your cat gets exposed too much under sun can this can lead to sunburn development. This is more common in cats which have white causes a solar condition which causes excess hair lose to your cat.

There are breeds that are overweight thus unable to groom itself on a daily basis. Due to this kind of situation dead hair will develop in plenty hence leading to excessive hair loose to your cat, this affects cats which are obese in nature.

When your cat is in pain this becomes difficult for them to groom more hair will be lost from its body on a daily basis. In order to reduce irritation your cat will keep on leaking irritating place causing loose of hair.

A condition such as arthritis will make your cat to lick areas that have been affected hence increasing rate at which its hair is being lost. Leaking always helps in easing pain that is being experienced but on the other hand it becomes a disadvantage to your pet’s fur.

3.      Poor diet and dehydration

If you have a cat at home, ensure to provide it with a balanced diet and plenty of water to avoid cat shedding. This ensures that you cats coat is healthy and shiny all the time. If your cat is malnourished it will have a dull coat of skin and will tend to loose hair in excess.

When you keep on feeding your cat with canned food it will have hormone imbalance. This is because canned foods contain plenty of water and proteins but lack omega 3 and omega 6 acids which are very essential to your cat’s health conditions.

Other than hormone balance omega 3 and omega 6 acids plays a role in ensuring that your cats skin retains its softness, this process reduces shedding in your cat.

It is always important to feed your cat with plenty of water. This enables your cats skin to be hydrated thus triggering shedding process. Feed your cat with higher proteins and lesser carbohydrates this enables your pet to have a nice coat and that does not shed more often.

4.      Cat shedding due to allergies

Feeding your cat with foods that is allergic to its system will eventually show up through its skin. Hair coat will look unhealthy and will shed off more often.

In addition, too much exposure of your cat to light can lead to loose of hair in excess. If your cat has been bitten by mite it causes a lot of irritation to your cat’s skin hence shedding plenty of hair.

5.      Infections and parasites

When your cat has been infected with a parasite such as lice it will lead to excessive scratching on your pet’s body. Lice’s gets rid of saliva that causes itching and redness when it comes into contact with your cat’s body. This will lead to continuous leaking on areas that have been infected causing excessive hair loose on your cat.

Unlike human being’s cats too can be affected with fungal infection. When your cat is affected with a fungal infection it will eventually loose hair on its ears face and feet. A mark will be shown which is red in circle and its center is white in color.

Ringworm will make your cat will lose hair in oval or round patches. It is highly contagious and it happens in breeds that have long hair. Itching that can be as a result of flea which might be present in your cat fur.

6.      Hormones

Low production of thyroid hormone in your cat’s body leads to a condition known as hyperthyroidism. This will affect your cat’s normal metabolism causing too much cat shedding compared to the normal natural way of how it should lose hair.

During pregnancy time your cats body produces hormones in excess. This is not helpful to your cat’s normal health because it interferes with normal body process causing loss of hair in excess.

In addition, a lactating cat will always have a problem of getting new hair after getting rid of the old one. This is due to lack of minerals and calcium which are always consumed with kitten and becomes inadequate causing a stunt growth of its mother’s hair.

In conclusion Cushing syndrome which always occurs when your cat’s adrenal gland produces too much cortsel hormone. A hormone known as corticosteroid is produced which causes dehydration in your cat’s body causing excess loose of hair.

This kind of condition is said to affect cats that are middle aged and older once. furthermore, agenda that is affected mostly is female as compared to male.

7.      Hair lose Disorders

Female cats are mostly affected with a disorder alopecia. It causes your cat to develop patches on its belly, neck and its legs. This patches occurs and disappears on their own with no medical attention and are not painful. Cat shedding is likely to occur in the affected areas and this should be treated as soon as possible.

Feline endocrine alopecia is a condition whereby your cat’s hair sheds symmetrically on its abdomen back of the thighs and on genital areas. This process is painless however it can make your cat suffer from a disease known as seborrhoea. This condition makes your cat to have a coat which is very dry and very irritating.

Your cat will not be comfortable when suffering from this will keep on scratching its body to ease pain leading to hair lose.

8.      Chemotherapy

This refers to a type of treatment which is carried out in treatment of cancer. When your cat undergoes this type of treatment its hair will shed in excess due to radioactive material which are used during treatment.

Other cats will develop a problem in their hair growth and its hair color will seem to defer with its original one. After chemotherapy process your cats guard hair will become loose and very weak than usual.

9.      Folliculitis

There are three important stages that your cat’s hair undergoes for proper development, this stages include anagen, catagen and finally the telogen stage.

In a situation whereby your cat’s hair follicles have been interfered with it will end up shedding at its early stage of most cases guard hair is mostly affected and it is found on your cat’s neck, head and its face.

10.  Granuloma

This refers to nodules that are formed as a result on an infection. It is always important to found out the type of granuloma your cat might be suffering if its benign or malignant. If it happens to be malignant a biopsy should be carried out. Presence of granuloma in your cat’s body causes a lot of hair shedding and irritation.

11.  Diabetes

When your cat is diabetic this means that its body does not produce insulin. insulin is a hormone which is helpful in getting sugar from your cat’s food into its blood stream for it to be used as energy.

When sugar is in excess in your cat’s body, this leads to dehydration in your cat’s body and hair lose will be experienced.

Effects of cat shedding

It mostly affects people who are allergenic to cat hair it makes them to sneeze and will also experience presence of itchy eyes.

It’s always good to be keen especially when you are grooming your cats body. While in the process some cat will end up swallowing hairball that chokes or will make them suffer from a disorder known as megacolon.

How do I stop my cat’s hair from going everywhere?

It becomes quite challenging in controlling shedding in cats this is because it’s a natural process. For indoor cats you can actually prevent them from often occurrence, i.e. grooming your cat before it sheds on its own.

If your cat is being affected with a fungal infection you can use both oral and topical treatment. Ensure you brush your cat regularly; this action helps in collecting hair that is almost shed.

You can help your cat in getting rid of hair which is in excess this will help in reducing loose of hair which is extremely long on your cat’s body.

Since this hair is mostly stuck on your furniture, beddings and clothes always use a vacuum during cleaning process to ensure that all dust present is sucked out. You can use a towel that is dumb to get rid of hair which might be present on your clothes or furniture.

Best Cat Food for Shedding

To reduce shedding in your cat, ensure to provide it with plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. They are essential to your cat’s daily diet in that it reduces itchiness and scratching.

This process will take place as a result of anti-inflammatory properties which are present in omega 3 fatty acids, it enables your pet to have a coat which is healthier and a good skin.

Feed your cat with wet food such as salmon or flax which are rich in omega 3 nutrients. You can either choose foods that consist of omega 3 fatty acid or you can add it to your cats daily meal as supplement.

If you are a cat owner, you can brush you cats hair in direction of its growth. This will help in getting rid of dead hair which might be present to avoid excess shedding of hair.

When your cat has guard hair i.e. tonkinese you can reduce shedding by applying water in your hands, pet your cat with those wet hands by doing this all dead hair present will be gotten rid before shedding.

Cats such as Siamese have a curly hair with a very tight coat and this makes it quite difficult during grooming process. You can put on gloves during grooming process for a firm grip on its hair for quick cleaning process.

If your cat has been affected with fleas, you can get rid of them using apple other terms you can choose lemon in getting rid of flea. Boil lemon with water and leave it to cool down overnight, you can use a spray bottle and spray on its ears arms and head which are main parts that are affected with flea.

Unlike human being’s cats can also be bathed, use shampoo with warm water and bathe your cat be careful when cleaning it to prevent soap from getting into its eyes.

Presence of roundworms in your cat’s body can lead to loss of hair on your is always advisable to get rid of roundworms by deworming your cat before they become in excess.

You can also provide your cat with a specific area of sleeping. This will reduce spread of fur from your furniture within your house.


When your cat loses hair and weight it becomes of a great concern since it might be having a problem.  If you are a pet owner it is always important to be familiar with such problems for a proper and quick check up.

Such problems result when your cat ingest something poisonous which affects its skin. Something might have gotten into its fur which is very irritating. always seek medical assistance from your vet for a proper checkup.