Cat eating grass frantically and vomiting or coughing will definitely indicate that all is not well. Once in a while, a cat nibbling grass should be okay but when it is frantic and sudden, you should not ignore it. The cat may show signs of stomach upset while eating grass, weeds and vomiting yellow bile or white foam.

Some cats will feed on grass frantically and end up vomiting but after that it will still go back to the same point to feed on more grass. In some instances, you might find this whole grass in your cat’s feces when it has not been digested properly.

Cats and dogs eating grass is common and runs through their entire families. To clear the air, here are reasons why your cat eats grass by doesn’t throw up:-

Why do Cats eat Grass?

1.      Pica

This is a term used to describe a situation whereby a cat starts to feeds on strange things i.e. grass. Most cats feed on grass simply because they get attracted to its texture and sweet smell. It is in rare cases whereby a cat feeds on grass and vomits, only few will experience such kind of circumstances.

Others will actually be driven into this grass feeding activity to extend that all grass blades within its surrounding becomes finished.

Just like human beings, cats do get bored at some point. You can be of help by providing it with play toys to prevent it from consuming grass, provision of play toys keeps it busy.

Apart from grass it involves itself in feeding on other strange things such as soil, dirt and paint chips. When you observe it feeding on such kind of things it’s an indication that there is something missing in its diet.

If you are feeding it with homemade food you might have excluded essential nutrients in its daily diet for a long time without notice. This is an important key especially when you are giving proper information about its eating grass behavior. The vet will be in a position to tell if its foods lacks certain supplements which is contained in grass.

2.      Upset Stomach

It is very rare for a cat to eat grass and vomit only few of them will undergo such a process. However some will always claim that cats eat grass when they have a problem in their stomach. By eating this grass, it triggers them to start vomiting making its stomach to be at ease. Therefore, this brings a conclusion that it is used for medication purpose.

Grass is not harmful when it’s consumed by your pet. Always consider that excessive consumption causes vomiting since they lacks enzyme which are necessary for digestion of grass.

3.      Taste

This is an indication that grass is having a taste which is very yummy and due to its texture your cat will defiantly crave for it. If you observe keenly it won’t just be in a position of feeding on any kind of grass. Just like human preferring for certain type of thing, this act is also carried out with a cat when wants to feed on grass. It chooses various blades of grass to feed on and leave the rest untouched.

In case whereby you have not feed it with fiber in its daily diet for quite a while it will defiantly go for grass.

4.      Nutritional supplement

A cat that is always served with food lacking certain nutrients in them develop a behavior of feeding on grass. It feeds on this grass to fill in the space left behind for certain types of nutrients.

Things that might be missing in its diet include minerals, vitamins and fiber. By consuming grass all this nutrients will have been catered for, grass consumption is also helpful in that it prevents it from being attacked with deficiency diseases.

In addition, presence of chlorophyll found in the grass is very helpful in a cat’s body. This substance is important in that it eliminates some form of disease present in your pet’s body.

If it continuous to feed on grass you can add certain foods in its diets i.e. potatoes carrots and cornflower. It is also necessary to consult your vet and get recommendable foods that are helpful in your fury’s diet.

Cat Eating Grass Frantically and Vomiting

Eating grass in cats is a behavior that is normal and some of them tend to vomit afterword. This should not worry you that much because it does not suggest anything serious.

However, in some cases vomiting can be caused due to gastrointestinal problems. It usually occurs in cats that have just started to feed on grass for the first time. When it vomits it’s an indication that the stomach is feeling uncomfortable.

There are various reasons as to why it eats grass and vomits after a short period of time. It might have consumed grass that is contaminated with intestinal parasite known as giardia.

In addition to this it might be suffering from metabolic diseases. When it is having something foreign in its gastrointestinal tract it defiantly vomits.

Visit a veteran for a proper diagnosis to be carried out. Several tests are performed i.e. fecal will determine if in any case there are intestinal parasite present in its body.

Why do Cats Eat Grass when Sick?

A cat that is experiencing a problem with its gastric consumes grass as a way of reliving it from being uncomfortable. This tells that grass can also be used as source of medication for your cat.

Just like humans a cat’s body has different types of neurological receptors which are helpful for digestion process. In case of anything new within the surrounding of this receptors they defiantly react to it.

In a situation where some of this receptors have failed to work, grass is helpful in making them active by triggering your cat to vomit. This kind of problem happens when gastric acid is present in its system. This acid causes a lot of discomfort to your cat and for it to be eliminated it feeds on grass on its own making it to vomit.

This act happens once in a while, in a situation whereby it becomes more often seek attention from your vet. Its system if filled up with gastric acid which needs an immediate attention.

Why Does May Cat Eat Grass everyday?

A cat that keeps feeding on grass more constantly should be of great concern. This can be an indication that you are not providing its daily diet with necessary nutrients needed.

You can actually try feeding it with additional supplements in its daily diet. Include things like vegetables with fruits and observe its routine activities.

Talk to your vet the reason as to why it’s feeding on grass on a daily basis, He/she will give you a proper solution to this type of behavior.

Is it safe for cats to eat grass?

Cat eating grass is a behavior that is normal. It is also said that since cats have originated from the rest of the cat family feeding of grass is a common behavior that is considered to be usual. When they feed on this green grass their needs of fiber is being catered for.

Consumption of green grass in few amount is not harmful to its normal health. This becomes unhealthy when grass that it’s consuming has been sprayed with pesticide. Such grass is very dangerous to your cat’s normal health even if it’s being taken in few minutes or on a regularly basis.

If they keeps feeding on this grass more often visit your vet for consultation. Keep your furry friend indoors if your compound has been sprayed with pesticides to prevent any complications.

How to Prevent your Cat from Eating Grass?

If you are a pet owner and you are more concerned of its health, there are various things that can be carried out to prevent it from consuming grass.

In its daily diet ensure that you provide excess fiber this is very helpful in that it will not be tempted to have any cravings of feeding on grass. In a case whereby you prepare its meal at home consider switching on foods with a high content of fiber which is commercial.

If you notice that being bored is the cause of it feeding on grass, ensure that you perform a lot of exercise with it on a daily basis. You can try playing with it different types of games such as hunting, this keeps its mind to be more occupied.

A pet’s tummy should always be full at all cost, provide them with different types of foods during day time. This is helpful in that it prevents accumulation of excessive bile in its stomach.

On the other hand, bile can also be gotten rid of when it is given foods such as carrots, beans and pumpkins. Feeds it with different types of foods in plenty to prevent it from formation of bile.

Cat Eating Grass Frantically and Coughing

At some point cats coughs and feed on grass at the same time. This becomes quite difficult for their caretakers to detect what it is suffering from. It raises a lot of questions that needs to be concerned about since it can be an indication of a serious problem that is developing. Below are certain causes that makes it develop a cough.

Kennel Cough

This sudden cough could result from bacterial infection. Kennel cough sounds to be very deep it is followed with symptoms such as sneezing and vomiting.

It is a type of cough that is spread from one cat to another, especially when cats of different types have been placed in one place. It coughs as if there is something stuck in its throat, furthermore this condition can also lead to stomach upset.

In most cases a normal kennel cough usually heals on its own, it takes about three to fourteen days without any medical attention. This condition takes quite a long period if your fury’s health is not perfect.

If this cough becomes more than usual make an appointment with your veteran to prevent the situation before it becomes worse.

Foreign Item Stuck in its Throat

This kind of cough happens when a cat is in the process of swallowing food. It is a cough that comes about very suddenly, it also happens when a cat’s throat is sore due to pain that is being experienced.

In addition, it might have swallowed grass outdoors in the process of swallowing some got stuck in its throat. In this case it will feel uncomfortable it will cough and tend to throw up to get rid of the foreign particle.


This is a condition that result when a cat is having an upset stomach. It occurs due to irritation and inflammation of its tummy. Affected pet will develop a sudden cough. If its gastritis infection, it heals in about twenty-four hours without any medication process carried out.

If this cough seems to persist after more than two days, consider visiting a veteran since it can be something serious that is developing.


Such a cough is always wet to indicate that your cat’s lung is build up with fluid in excess. If a diagnosis is carried out, then fluid becomes present in its lungs this means that it is suffering from pneumonia.

Apart from coughing a cat that is affected with pneumonia will show signs such as weight loss, loss of appetite and breathing will seem quite difficult. Medication is carried out after diagnosis has been carried out.

Cats Eating Grass Explanation – Video (Courtesy)

According to, many cats resort to bulimia when they feel a bit off and since they cannot put their paws down their throats, they eat grass to induce vomiting. If you see your cat eat grass, first off save the pets by keeping him outdoors until he vomits twice and then monitor his condition. If he wants to eat right away, he was only suffering from a bit of acid stomach and now that the bile is gone, he feels fine. If the grass eating does not induce vomiting, he should be carefully monitored and if other symptoms develop, he should be taken to the vet